Merlot Venezia DOC Riserva


Merlot vinified in purity.

Production Area:

Stony areas among the River Piave inbetween Conegliano and Treviso.


“In Red”: the must remains in contact with the skins for a period about 15/20 days and after that it will be refined into the barrique. A part of the grapes undergoes first to a withering and after will be pressed and let fermented inside small wooden barrels.


The product undergoes to a further refinement into 225 and 500 litters wooden barrels for a period of about 24 months. After a strict analytical control and after having obtained the DOC Venezia Riserva proper denomination by the responsable body the win is finally bottled and will lay for further 12 months.

Food pairing

Particularly suitable with first dishes characterized by strong sauces, grilled and roasted meats, game and aged cheeses. Perfect as meditation wine.

Serving temperature

18-20 °C.
We suggest opening the bottle at least half an hour before drinking or pouring it in a decanter.


14,50% vol.

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