The Tonon family

The origins with Pietro Tonon

Way back in 1936 in Vittorio Veneto, an area vocated to viticulture in northeastern of Italy, Pietro Tonon founded the company Vini Tonon. The main goal was, now as then, to produce authentic, identity and unique wines where the art of making good wine can be appreciated and recognized in the glass. For Pietro, each and every process of transforming grapes into wine had to be characterized and moved by:

  • the most extreme respect for the earth
  • the deepest passion for tradition
  • the most constant search for quality

The continuity with Loris Tonon

Today, after three generations, Pietro’s teachings still echo vividly among the rows of vines and the barrels in the winery where Loris Tonon, with his staff, operates with these ideals handed down from generation to generation. It is the past embracing the future, the tradition contemplating the innovation, the man balancing with technology in perfect harmony for the conception, creation and production of tasty and unique wines.

Camúl Winery

Over the decades, Tonon family has expanded its wine offerings and Camúl is the distinctive winery that produces niche aged wines and the most prestigious sparkling wines from the “Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG” appellation. The winery represents, in all its facets, what is the extraordinariness of this area. It is no coincidence that Camúl is named like a small but characteristic portion of land owned by the family that has been cultivated as a vineyard since the early 1900s and is located near the hillside area of Carpesica, in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage area.

The wines of tomorrow

Day after day, the Tonon family with the Camúl niche does not fail to learn from nature, land and every single vine what respect and devotion to the environment is all about. This means cultivating and winemaking grapes with an eye to the future, hoping for a tomorrow with future generations proud of Pietro, Loris and all the staff who with body and soul make wine their form of art.

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