Our Barrel Cellar

Nature, through wine, has a chance to express itself in its power and uniqueness. The Tonon family, with the Camúl line, becomes the guardian, witness and messenger of the treasures that nature offers. But not only that, Camul takes the fruits of nature and lets them rest in a cellar called Bottaia to let better appreciate their expression.

The cultivation in the field

The land is the most precious heritage for the Tonon family and, generation after generation, the attention and care for nature are enhanced by cultivating each vineyard respecting: the size of the plot, the geographic location, the grape variety grown and the type of soil. This means being able to then harvest a fruit that is peculiar from vineyard to vineyard and with great potential ready to blossom.

The winemaking

The harvested grapes, depending on the type of wine to be created, undergo transformation processes that best respect each distinctive characteristic of that particular variety. The fruit and floral flavors found in the wine are skillfully enhanced through the creation of the wine and then the transformation of the sugar into alcohol.

The refinement and aging

From the moment in which grapes are turned into wine, there can be several paths that the nectar of Bacchus can take: being consumed over a short time, a few months or a few years. Therefore, allowing a wine to mature for a few years is a process that features wooden barrels (barriques, tonneaux and small casks) and leads the wine to develop delicate aromas such as tobacco, chocolate, vanilla, licorice, leather,..

The wood yields various aromatic substances to the product that affect the wine’s aroma and taste. In this process Camúl gives the imprint of the Tonon family with a unique winery known as Bottaia.

The Bottaia

The aged wines of the Camúl line are the result of careful aging that takes place in the historic Bottaia, composed of 225-liter, 500-liter and 750-1000-liter oak barrels.

It is not a simple room, inside the conditions of a natural environment have been faithfully reproduced and a whole series of temperature and humidity control and regulation systems have been installed to keep the wine in its best condition.

These aging processes range from 6 to 24 months and even longer, depending on the type of grape, the quality and the reference vintage.

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