Our Barrel Cellar

Wine is a delicate product in continuous evolution, which is why the part played by the winery is fundamental in obtaining the best results. We have meticulously designed and created our winery in order to instil our products with excellence.
The aged wines in the Camúl line are the result of a careful refinement process which takes place in our ancient barrel cellar with its 225 liters, 500 liters and 750-1000 liters oak barrels (Barrique, Tonneau and Casks).
To faithfully reproduce the conditions of a natural environment, we have installed a monitoring system plus temperature and humidity adjustment through a climate control mechanism.
As the ageing process in barrels takes place, the wood releases various aromatic substances into the wine which then influence its taste and bouquet.
The ageing processes vary from six to twenty-four months depending on the types of grape, the quality and the characteristics of the vintage.

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