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The Vini Tonon winery, owner of the Camúl brand, is situated in Vittorio Veneto in a strategic area of Triveneto, a stone’s throw from cities of great charm such as Venice, Cortina and Verona.
It is in this geographical context that the Vini Tonon family winery, nestling in the gentle hills at the very heart of the Valdobbiadene and Conegliano Prosecco region, has positioned itself as a leading producer.
Vittorio Veneto is a bustling centre created in the last century from the merger of the towns of Ceneda and Serravalle.
These two towns, after being under the control of the Romans, Lombards and count-bishops, fell under the influence of the Republic of Venice. They then came under Austrian domination and in 1844 were combined into a single town which on 27 September 1866 firstly took the name “Vittorio” in honour of king Vittorio Emanuele II and later, in 1923, the name of “Vittorio Veneto”.
This is where the battle that ended the First World War on the Italian front took place.

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