Our land

In the footsteps of the Tonon family

The Tonon family grows grapes destined for Camúl brand wines in several hectares of vineyards in the Vittorio Veneto area, a quaint and typical town in the northeast of Italy with sanpietrini, historical monuments and unique landscapes. The land and buildings of Vittorio Veneto carry in their souls the history of this place characterized by men and women who lived more or less happy days but with the promise of an ever more prosperous future.

The UNESCO heritage site

We are in the heart of the territory destined for the cultivation of Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG and where the gentle slopes are mainly covered by the main grape variety for the production of Prosecco: the Glera. Entering these hills allows you to enjoy an authentic landscape, cultural and agricultural beauty and admire the work of man that creates a unique silhouette that in 2019 was recognized as a UNESCO heritage site.

The city of Vittorio Veneto

The landscape is the setting for a city as distinctive as Vittorio Veneto, which sees its origin in the merger of 2 separate towns: Ceneda and Serravalle. Romans, Lombards, and Count Bishops were the most important dominations of this area before it flourished during the Republic of the Serenissima of Venice, and it was only in 1866 that Vittorio Veneto became part of Italy with the name Vittorio and membership in the Kingdom of Italy.

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