Tradition, Respect and Quality

The family has the important role to pass on teachings down from generation to generation. The greatest legacy that the Tonon family carries on over time focuses on 3 keywords so beloved to Pietro Tonon: tradition, respect and quality. These are not simply words, but it is a baton that passes into the hands of each and every collaborator and a reminder to pay the utmost attention to every detail of the production process: from the planting of the small vines to the ready to open bottle.


From 1936 to date, after three generations, the Tonon family has always kept alive the memory of Pietro Tonon and his charisma. Even today, the winery continues to preserve the teachings he never got tired of repeating and reminding that to make wine you must:

  • have an exceptional raw material
  • develop innovative production processes that respect the product
  • teaming up to support and improve the company
  • have a passion for drinking good wine


The desire to make unique and good wines involves developing and sharing healthy values related to the land. The most extraordinary gift for the Tonon family is being able to create, in synergy with the earth, something unique and respecting the ecosystem translates into:

  • a constant research to improve
  • a deep attention to the cultivation of each vineyard
  • a scrupulous grape harvest selection
  • a precise care of the entire production system


Making good wine goes hand in hand with the constant quest to maintain the highest quality standards. The Tonon family has always been committed to undergoing the strictest analytical and taste tests with the goal of maintaining and researching the highest quality

  • in raw materials
  • in the field
  • in the winery
  • in the wine


Tradition, respect and quality come together in a perfect corporate symbiosis, and the result is a process of innovation that characterizes every single stage in the production of a wine: tasting a wine with these fundamentals is a unique experience to appreciate.

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